Transforming extraordinary

Vietnam businesses since 1994

Transforming extraordinary

Vietnam businesses since 1994


Vietnam Trade Alliance

Your One Stop Solution for Businesses in Vietnam

Vietnam Trade Alliance is a group of dynamic companies that serve new and existing businesses in Vietnam. We transform local insights from years of experience operating here to dynamic capacity that play crucial roles in every aspect of your business. Regardless of your operating field, we always have agile solutions for you.

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Our Journey

  • The first building block

    It all started back in 1994 when Vietnam was at the wake of Doi Moi. Walter Blocker introduced a lean logistic solution that would stop all the headaches and bring forward ease and efficiency to newly minted American businesses in Vietnam.

  • Highs and Lows

    As the Renovation, private, foreign-invested sector was booming. We were on a steady rise as we outreached and strengthened our strategic partnership with both retail trade and consumers. Things didn't always run smoothly. Vietnam lacked commercial law, was plagued with bureaucracy, and was hit by the 1998 Financial Crisis. We lacked qualified data and human resources.

  • Our Moment is Now

    The consumer marketplace boomed as new jobs, better incomes, new investments flooded in the first effective years of free trade agreements. Our spiraling business portfolio now included biggest clients in milk, beverages, beer, and spirits.

  • Streamline The Future, Together

    Financial crisis hit globally, posing challenges for all businesses to stay competitive and relevant.  Nowadays, we remain the go-to partner for multi-national clients due to our unparalleled combination of local insights and expertise offerings.

  • A New Chapter Begins

    Vietnam Trade Alliance made history as the first Vietnamese company to acquire a NASDAQ-listed entity. Now a multi-billion dollar business, our bar remains exceptionally high to deliver nothing but excellence to our clients.

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